Creative Rock Art Spreads Around Berks County

Kids these days have plenty to do inside, and if you’re a parent you’re all too familiar with the problem of getting your little ones outside. As a parent and Publisher of Macaroni Kid Berks County, Jennifer Schorr wanted to come up with a program that helped children learn and have fun outside.

Schorr came up with Berks County Rocks, a Facebook group dedicated to creating art and outdoor fun. The concept is simple, Schorr hosts free rock painting workshops where kids can paint their own 2×3 inch stone. Once finished, kids take and hide them throughout the county posting clues as to where they are in the Facebook group.

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“The goal is to encourage art, creativity and community” said Jennifer Schorr.

The idea isn’t original, said Schorr. Talking with fellow Macaroni Kid Publishers, she heard it was being done in Florida and after some research though it would be the perfect addition to Berks County.

We caught up with Jennifer at the Oley Valley Library where she was leading a group of 15 kids and adults through the rock painting process. There are no rules on what to paint, just that everyone has fun. Walking though we saw quite the display of artistry. Ladybugs, flowers and animals were just a few of the designs being painted.

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Each rock is sign and stamped with the URL of the Facebook group. That way those who find it can join in and hide it in a new location.

Jennifer told us it was important to keep the activity free, however the supplies do cost money. To fund the workshops, she looks for business and community sponsors to offset the costs. Although it’s a good thing, the growing popularity has pushed her workshops close to capacity. Her goal is to find more organizations with space and partner with them to host additional Rock Painting Workshops.

So far, her workshops have produced 50+ rocks. Where they will end up nobody knows, but as the popularity of the Facebook group grows, you may start to see these little works of art near you.

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