Holidays on Pomander Lights Up Exeter Township Neighborhood

Meet Kyle Borzillo, Exeter Township resident and builder of the massive home holiday lights display ‘Holidays on Pomander’. For the past three years Kyle has setup 60,000 lights, 27 inflatables, and over 100 items in his yard for Christmas.

Covering his entire front yard from the driveway to the shed on the side of his house. Borzillo showcases a Nativity scene, Santa’s mailbox, Elf on the Self, Star Wars theme inflatables, and much more. Borzillo pushes the limit of this property each year to fit the lights and decorations.

It all began three years ago with Borzillo and his fiance Bri Zeiber. When they started living at her grandparents house, her grandfather passed away the year before they moved in. Borzillo heard it was his holiday tradition to setup lights. So he took it upon himself to keep it going. So for the past three years he has worked hard to make the display bigger and bigger.

Borzillo invites everyone to visit his display, either by driving by or walking the neighborhood. The display is on daily from 5pm-10pm. For more information visit